Here Are My 3 Favorite Stories That I Wrote In September (And Links To Highlights From My Four Years At PhillyVoice)

Hi, all. I wrote just a few stories for PhillyVoice in September, so this will be the last of these posts. Here are my 3 favorites. Check them out if you’re so inclined!

Also, below, is a collection of these sorts of posts from my tenure at the site.

I’ll have some news about the future coming up in due time.

Thanks for reading!

— You may have racked up big E-ZPass fines and not even know it

— Former officers: Openly racist Montgomery County police chief, deputy rule by intimidation

— Local graphic designer creates soccer jerseys to honor typefaces (yes, even Comic Sans)

Previous posts:

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July 2019 (Keith Byrne/ICE fight)

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April 2019 (Furnace Party)

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February 2019 (50 Shades of Maple Glen)

January 2019 (‘Impromptu Fight Club’ in Norristown)

Top 25 Stories from 2018 (inc. Cheese Gritty, the Eagles Pillar Guy, Witches on Trump’s use of “witch hunt,” Lead poisoning in Philly, Youth soccer in the Philly burbs, a menacing neighbor in Montco, a gay black mayor faces threats and pushback in Bridgeport, girl banned from playing football by CYO, cop with a ‘Nazi tattoo’ gets a new gig, Phang unveiled, the stoop pooper, a neighborhood battle near Temple University, and a Mummer gets the kidney donation he needed.

December 2017 (a friendly Center City doorman)

November 2017 (Soft pretzels for breakfast?)

October 2017 (Trumpy the Rat comes to town)

September 2017 (Thief steals car … and the family dog)

August 2017 (A shy bullied kids gets to go to Rome thanks to community support)

July 2017 (Belligerent beach-tag checkers)

June 2017 (Water-ice flavors, ranked)

May 2017 (Michael Cohen’s daughter speaks)

April 2017 (Nurses throw ‘Lady Gaga’ party for terminally ill patient)

March 2017 (In which I get hit by a rock during a story assignment)

February 2017 (Wing Bowl antics)

January 2017 (Haircuts for the Homeless)

Favorite stories from 2016 (Neighborhood beef over a painted shamrock, PSPCA legend talks about his life as he stares down death, On the set: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, a dueling-obituaries scandal, Frank Rizzo’s family on comparisons to Trump, RIP TomBroDude, watching a serial-killer documentary with the man once suspected of being a serial killer, and a Hatchimals spending spree goes south.)



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