Here Are My 18 Favorite Stories (That I Wrote) In May

Hi, all. I wrote a lot of stories for PhillyVoice this month. Here are my 18 favorites. Check them out if you’re so inclined!

So, who was that burly white supremacist at Trump’s Harrisburg rally?

House Republicans submitted to their worst demons with health care vote

Philly hoops league wants to send Latino youths to national tourney

Hey ladies, try being nicer to the men in your lives

How one DA candidate convinced me to vote for him on Tuesday

Mentor to kids combines lessons in skateboarding and life

Trump lawyer’s daughter to ‘perverted’ haters: ‘Stop sexualizing women for no reason’

Woman hopes gender-reassignment struggle can guide others

We tried the Philly cheesesteak-inspired Slim Jim; should you?

‘The Backpack Kid’ flossed his way to SNL’s best moment of the season

The best Trump ‘orb’ tweet came from a place of evil incarnate

WATCH: Truck driver masterfully squeezes big rig into tiny Center City alley

Shame on Bucks County for removing banners honoring soldiers lost to the War on Terror

Folks, I think I found the pop-up strip club City Council talked about

WATCH: For these SEPTA bus riders, commute is a pain in the butt

You need to listen to Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Cut to the Feeling’ like right now

What’s a ‘Brisket Philly Sandwich,’ anyway?

Philly man describes role as extra in ‘House of Cards’ sacrifice scene
















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