I’m Really, Really Happy That Gov. Christie Got To Meet His Hero

Far as I’m concerned, everything you need to know about someone can be gleaned from observing them while they face adversity.

Take Gov. Chris Christie, for example. He’s a guy I didn’t respect for the longest time. This was solely based on how he treated others.

Well, having watched how he treated people in New Jersey — where I was born, raised and had my life saved — after Hurricane Sandy rolled through, I respect him now. Will I raise holy hell when he unnecessarily shouts people down at random political events in the future? You’re goddamn right I will.

But never again will I be able to say that he doesn’t care about others. Because, he’s proven that he cares about Jersey people and, by default, my people.

Now, watch him talk about how cool it was to meet and talk to Bruce Springsteen:

New York News | NYC Breaking News

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