I Had A Little Help Voting Today

When I voted at my East Falls (Philadelphia) polling place this morning, I was the 158th voter out of 580-ish in my division. This was just after 9 a.m., or two hours into an 11-hour election. Suffice it to say, turnout looked good.

I’d like to take you behind the curtain for a moment, though. I brought Louden into the booth, as the I Voted Today sticker on his shirt attests. We were on the way to daycare. It made sense to give him a civics lesson as this was the first Presidential election of his young life.

I briefly explained to him which of the two Presidential candidates I was supporting. I put this in terms of who I thought had his best interests — even tangentially — at heart. I pointed to the buttons for each candidate and then I let him press.

Not sure if I would have stopped him if he hadn’t, but Louden went for the candidate I preferred. I was proud, even if he probably didn’t even know what Daddy was saying to him.

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