Hit-and-Run America, Vol. DCCXCIII

An ongoing collection of unsolved hit-and-run cases, with a focus on car/pedestrian incidents, from across the country since Jan. ‘010. If you know something about any of these incidents, or one that I’ve missed, do the right thing and call the police, even anonymously. After a respite from keeping the list, it restarted in January 2019, highlighting one case a day. If there’s a case you’ve seen that deserves highlighting, drop me a line at hickey@brianphickey.com.

10767. “She was someone who, no matter what happened to her, she always had a smile on her face, and she had that energy that got you smiling too,” Katherin Plata said.

10768. The Amarillo Police Department announce their intent to release information throughout the year on the nine unsolved hit-and-run accident reports from the past 10 years. APD’s Traffic Investigation Unit is attempting to see if new evidence comes in that could lead to the cases being solved.

10769. “It was just like a gut punch,” Walton told FOX40 when he received the call of Colbert’s death. “She was just a beautiful person, had a good heart, good soul.”

10770. On the police radio at the time of the accident, a dispatcher said someone had reported a “kid on the ground with a bloody face, no shoes.” Chase’s father said his son ran outside in the cold without shoes. The Caruso Elementary School student has autism and is nonverbal.

10771. A grieving husband whose wife was killed in a hit-and-run motorcycle crash in California successfully led police to the suspected driver, according to police who arrested the man Friday.

10772. Lothrop’s mother said she’s hoping to find the person who killed her daughter. “I don’t even know what to say. I am trying so hard to keep it together right now. My heart is broken and there is no way that I can ever begin to explain the pain I am feeling,” she said.

10773. The victim is identified as Cornelious Weeks Jr., 92, of Upper Marlboro.

10774. “I want justice for my son,” said Yanelis Betancourt, Derek’s mother. “That’s my first born. My everything.”

10775. An Iowa woman who is facing two counts of attempted murder in December hit-and-run attacks on two children — including one that the police said targeted a girl because she looked “Mexican” — has been ruled mentally incompetent to stand trial.

10776. “I went in and his eyes rolled up. I asked if he had info on the hit-and-run truck, and he said he’d talk to the manager. I said, ‘I know you’re the one in the truck.’ And he said he didn’t want this to go no further,” Holmes said.

10777. Karim Abdul Akbar, the 62-year-old bicyclist, was pronounced dead at the scene by Medic after he was hit in the 3600 block of The Plaza just after 9 pm Feb. 8.

More hit-and-run stories, including every volume of Hit-and-Run America (in reverse order), are accessible from this linked page. (The full Volume-by-Volume list will appear sporadically from now on.)

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