Gritty Got (At Least) 157 Write-In Votes In Philadelphia’s Nov. 2019 Election

Before we left for Barcelona, I posted about the write-in votes from Bucks and Delaware Counties in the November 2019 election. You can see that via this link.

While I’ve yet to hear back from Montgomery County — after an initial exchange followed up by subsequent requests that were met with a ghosting — I received a handy dandy sheet with all of Philly’s write-in votes thereon.

Upon a quick check from a hotel bed, I counted 156 overall votes for Gritty, with 57 of those lending support for Mayor Gritty to serve as the 100th mayor in Philadelphia history.

There were numerous other candidates which I shouted out in a Twitter thread, as well. It is only now, upon our return to the states, that I can formalize those findings right there on Philly Blunt:

Here are some others that I noticed upon closer inspection:

Dave Chappelle (Common Pleas Court judge; Mayor)

Hans Moleman (Common Pleas Court judge)

Leonard Peltier (Common Pleas Court judge)

Michael Solomonov (Common Pleas Court judge)

Bo Jackson (Common Pleas Court judge)

Gold N Finger (Municipal Court judge)

Fergus Carey (Two votes for Mayor)

Jason Kelce (Two votes for Mayor)

Judy Garland (Mayor)

Solomon Jones (Mayor)

Al Horford (Register of Wills)

Hugh Jass (Register of Wills)

Chuck Norris (Sheriff)

Frank Reynolds (Sheriff)

Hunter S. Thompson (Sheriff)

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