What We’re Thinking About When We Post About Stolen Cop Cars In Philly And Camden Because Of The Driver’s Bosom [Updated with Mugshot]


Before we go on, here’s my inner debate about this story (I found the answer easily):

Q: So dude, would you have reacted differently if this was a hit-and-run?

A: Oh, of course.

Q: Yeah, but would you have posted this shit? The pictures. The video.

A: Probably, like, a 300×200 picture along the right rail in a Hit-and-Run America post. I don’t know about the video. No to both, I guess. But the philly.commenters at the bottom? Oh yeah. I could not resist pointing those things of beauty out.



The story: SHAYNA SYKES posted a photograph to Instagram recently of a new tattoo on her foot that reads “Live fast DIE PRETTY.” On Tuesday morning, Sykes, 23, and her fiance, Blake Bills, 24, fulfilled the first part of her foot-tattoo prophecy – and came dangerously close to the second – when they stole not one, but two police cars and led cops on a chase from Camden to Philadelphia at speeds of up to 100 mph before they were eventually arrested, police said. [Philadelphia Daily News]

The video (H/T Sara S.):


Screen shot 2013-03-06 at 6.54.25 AM



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