Here’s Video Of The Highlight Reel Imhotep Touchdown That I’ll Never Forget Witnessing Live

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 11.11.44 AM
You see that arrow on the above picture? That’s pointing at my old Broncos lid and its sideline vantage point during Saturday’s Philly AAA city championship-football game between Public League champ Imhotep Panthers and Catholic League champ Archbishop Wood Vikings.

You see that speedster almost getting hit for a loss when his team was teetering on the edge of comeback capabilities? That’s Imhotep’s DJ Moore. He’s going to the University of Maryland next year.

Here’s how I addressed that play in my NewsWorks game story:

The connection between seniors Dreuitt-Parks and DJ Moore would be the star of the fourth quarter.

With 10:57 minutes remaining, the quarterback hit Moore with a pass near the sideline, and the receiver sprinted about 90 yards for a touchdown to cut the deficit to 14.

I failed to capture the pure adrenaline that fueled the moment, looking back.

Here’s how I’ll address it here: What an exhilarating rush it is to see a play like that unfold just feet away. I rolled up onto the field to watch him reach the end zone. It was the best play I’ve seen live since, ironically, the last play of last year’s Imhotep game on Thanksgiving vs. the MLK Cougars.

This is why I can’t wait to take Louden up to the rematch in a couple days.

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