Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloonery Near Top Of Playboy’s ‘Best Philly Dive Bars’ List

If you know me, you know I host Quizzo at Billy Murphy’s Irish Saloonery in East Falls (Philly) every other Tuesday night.

Sometimes, this kind of thing happens:

If you know Murphy’s, you know it’s a great bar.

Local guy Dan McQuade knows both of these facts. Because I’ve seen him at Quizzo. And because I just saw the list he wrote for Playboy about the Best Dive Bars in Philly.

Yes, I’m sad that Krupa’s did not make this list. But Murphy’s drawing third position is totally awesome.

Here’s what Dan wrote:


There are only a handful of bars in East Falls, and this one is head and shoulders above the rest of them. Murphy’s borders Philadelphia University and Drexel’s med school and attracts a solid mix of college kids, medical professionals and Northwest residents young and old. And it has been around since 1961, making it a reliable Philly institution.

East Falls rules.

Murphy’s rules.

And, as such, this list rules.

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