In Which I Write An Angry Letter-To-The-Editor On Behalf Of A Philadelphia Bar

I love Krupa’s Bar in Fairmount, and the people therein. If you didn’t know that already, you will now:

One element of our feature on Caroline Tiger’s modern-day etiquette book [Book Quarterly, “Do You Miss Manners?” Patrick Rapa, Oct. 20] roused the indignation of one-time City Paper employee Brian Patrick Hickey, who emailed:

“I was not only disappointed but infuriated by Patrick Rapa’s review of Tiger’s book. It’s not that he reviewed it. … It’s from the vignette he chose to open said review. In recounting that he was hit by a spitball at a Fairmount drinkery, Rapa found it necessary to point out that it was not, in fact, Krupa’s while not ever naming where, in fact, it was. This typed aggression shall not stand. Having frequented Krupa’s for more than a decade, I can say that it is not a spitball-inclusive environment. It is a bastion of good manners and better people. In fact, Rapa is the one callously directing spitballs at the Krupa’s community. Believe me, Mr. Rapa, you do NOT want to be on our bad side. To the leadership of City Paper: We demand an apology from Rapa, and we will not rest until we receive one.”

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