Weekend Reading Roundup (Chinese Jumpers Edition)

The Suicide Catcher, scanned from GQ

The Suicide Catcher, scanned from GQ

I’m soon off to a baby shower — me, the bride, and baby-on-board’s shower, specifically — in a few moments, so I’ll dispense with this with the quickness.

— New York City treats Thurmon Munson with the same respect that Philly treats Joe Frazier.

— Boss quote from newly retired NHL ref Kerry Fraser about playoff fisticuffs

“I go back to when we had such intense rivalries, like Rangers-Islanders, Montreal-Quebec, Philadelphia versus pretty much everyone,” said Kerry Fraser. … [He] related an incident from his last game, the Flyers-Rangers showdown for the final playoff spot last Sunday.
“There was a scrum down in the Rangers’ end, and Daniel Carcillo from the Flyers got mixed up in it. I was at the far end, but I saw what was developing, so I skated in and grabbed him. Carcillo snapped up, ready to fight, but then he saw it was me. I put my open hand on his chest and said: ‘You don’t want to do that, Dan. You can go if you like and I’ll give you a penalty, but I don’t think you want that.’
“And he looked at me and said, ‘You’re right,’ and he went to his bench,” Fraser said. “In the playoffs, you learn to turn the other cheek.”

— Cubbie Marlon Byrd jumps all over Philly fans not after Pukemon, but after Wrigleyites boo Alfonso Soriano, who is currently worse in the field than Pat Burrell …

Wrigleyville has taken to the Cubs newcomer Marlon Byrd despite his .200 average, in part because of his energetic play but mostly because he is not the combustible Milton Bradley, who was last year’s favorite target.
“You hate to see it happen to a guy like Soriano — he’s a professional hitter who plays hard every day,” Byrd said. “It’s just the fans being passionate. I know how that is. I played in Philly.”

Note to Marlon: You call what you did here having “played” in Philly? C’mon man.

— Now where did I see the headline from today’s Inquirer staff editorial about Wall Street reform, “Greed is not good.” Oh, that’s right: My Metro column. Three days earlier …

“Hate to be a recovering-economy spoilsport, but some lessons are best learned the hard way, Philadelphia. Here’s one of them: Greed wasn’t good after all.
– 30 –”

— And, finally, GQ has a stellar piece about Chen Si (pictured), who has dedicated himself to keeping suicidal folks from plunging to their death from the Nanjing Yangtze River Bridge. Thing is, the piece isn’t online yet. So here’s a 2008 blog post that gets the research ball rolling, if you’re so inclined to read on.

Bonus coverage: Here’s my anti-Tea Party rant from Friday on Philebrity. (The Bachmann line is among the finest I’ve written, methinks.)

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