My World Cup Picks

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It all starts Thursday. Here’s what I think is going to happen in the World Cup:

Advancing from

Group A: Brazil and Mexico

Group B: Spain and Chile

Group C: Japan and Colombia

Group D: Uruguay and England

Group E: France and Ecuador

Group F: Argentina and Bosnia-Herzegovina

Group G: Germany and Portugal

Group H: Belgium and Russia

Round of 16:

Brazil over Chile

England over Japan

Bosnia-Herzegovina over France

Germany over Russia

Spain over Mexico

Uruguay over Colombia

Argentina over Ecuador

Belgium over Portugal

Round of 8:

Brazil over England

Germany over Bosnia-Herzegovina

Spain over Uruguay

Argentina over Belgium


Brazil over Germany (2-2 PKs)

Argentina over Spain (4-3)

Third Place:

Spain over Germany (2-1)

World Cup Final:

Argentina 4, Brazil 3. Hat trick: MESSI!

What, did you think I would pick anyone else to win it all?

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