Iron Mike Gallego On Why You’ll Spend $69.99 To Watch Tonight’s Mayweather Fight

Mayweather Guerrero weigh-in

From “The World’s Most Powerful Hate Group: Why You Will End Up Watching Mayweather-Guerrero Tonight” …

“… There’s no question that Floyd Mayweather has never been as vulnerable as he is tonight. He has been in a period of sustained decline for years punctuated by last year’s trip to the pokey, a stopover that has never been kind to fighters. He seems increasingly focused on his career as a promoter of other fighters. He finds himself increasingly embroiled in twitter slap fights with former friends like 50 Cent. And he just signed the largest contract in sports history with Showtime. He is old, slowing down, coming off a long break in activity, and he has little left to fight for. Surely, he is primed for an upset.

Yes, he is, but his carefully chosen foe tonight, Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero, is unlikely to be able to exploit those weaknesses. …”

Me? I’m watching because I’ve been an unabashed Mayweather fan since 2005, when I watched him dismantle Arturo Gatti (RIP) in Atlantic City. That, and how I stand to win $136 off IMG should Money drop the Ghost before the end of the sixth.

Read his stuff, though. It’s good.

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