Here’s Some Totally Classy ‘Philly Hood Drama’

Picture 6

Picture 5

Anybody know where this is?

North Philly, totally. The 2700 block of something, that much we know. But, does West Seltzer as a cross street narrow that down considerably?

From the looks of things, this could be 1) right by Joe Frazier’s old gym off of Broad Street or 2) where Seltzer dead-ends into N. 25th or 28th. If it’s the latter, it has to be 28th and Seltzer, what with the school bus from which children caught an eyeful cruising a southbound one-way street.

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  1. keekee
    June 15, 2012 at 08:02

    2700 block of North 16th Street….

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