Here Are My 16 Favorite Stories (That I Wrote) In October

Hi, all. I wrote many stories for PhillyVoice this month. Here are my 16 favorites. Check them out if you’re so inclined!

As trial looms, young hit-and-run victim’s family faces homelessness

10 interesting things I saw at the ‘Guntoberfest’ gun show

Investigation: WTF is a ‘Lehigh Valley cheesesteak’?

As their daughter lay comatose, family raises questions about police investigation

If you can get marijuana anywhere, why did police bother raiding the ‘Smoke Session’ party?

U.S. Rep. Brendan Boyle trots out tired soccer jokes, should be removed from office

WATCH: Army veteran takes a knee outside police stations to protest brutality

Let’s compile a first-ever list of Philly murals

‘Haircuts 4 Homeless’ barber gets shop of his own

Ask Hickey: What’s the deal with the swastika on a suburban firehouse?

Drexel prof: I can’t let the alt-right’s threats dictate my life

WATCH: ‘Trumpy the Rat’ comes to Philly to celebrate Frank Rizzo’s birthday

Mom helps 16-year-old Philly girl tackle a football dream

Community rallies behind dog left for dead in trash outside Philly rec center

Dear parents, marijuana edibles shouldn’t be your biggest Halloween fear

They gave their daughter a cute mailbox – and ended up in a 3-year legal battle














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