Here Are My 15 Favorite Stories (That I Wrote) In April

Hi, all. I wrote a lot of stories for PhillyVoice this month. Here are my 15 favorites. Check them out if you’re so inclined!

Naked, screaming man causes stir near Temple U’s campus

Inspired by Pepsi and Kendall Jenner, ad campaign suggestions for other brands

Even Alex Jones dismissed this ‘conspiracy theory,’ but Northeast Philly man won’t relent

On National Beer Day, here are 10 of the best brews available on Earth

It’s time for cargo shorts haters to back off

Northeast Philly man’s (fake) dog-poop fight video goes viral

Update: United Airlines defender Dan Hensley returns to Twitter

Say a prayer for the beautiful people, for their struggle is real

WATCH: Horrible parents prank kids to tears, blame ‘haters’ for mean comments

Ask Hickey: Should I cede my right of way to ‘sidewalk mafias’?

WATCH: Philly nurses surprise leukemia patient with Lady Gaga birthday-party performance

No, lady, your MAGA hat doesn’t qualify as religious garb

Dear haters: Diss them all you want, but I love my Transitions® lenses

Kenney on Philly marijuana raid: ‘The real solution … is to legalize’

Of course the mayor wants the tax windfall from legal weed, you morons









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