Down Goes Comcast!

Sumo, youmo

Sumo, youmo

It’s merely coincidental that a day after I write about the potential end-of-the-Comcast-line that the FCC does what I’ve wanted it to do since I moved up to East Falls. Namely, make Phillies, Flyers and Sixers games available to DirecTV customers.
Back story: When we moved here, there was a small cable outfit named, I think, Wade Somethingorother which offered, well, it didn’t offer what I need out of my television. So, we went with DirecTV. Comcast bought out, I believe, Wade and moved in, but I was already hooked on the Cubs access, NFL Sunday Ticket and a few soccer channels which left my home, in many ways, European.
Still sucked to have to go out anytime I wanted to watch a weekday Phils game. So, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski, thanks for swooping in and fixing things a few months before the TV recedes into the background and changing diapers becomes my primary off-duty responsibility.

…cable companies have been using the loophole to keep Philadelphia sports teams off DirecTV Inc. and Echostar Corp.’s Dish Network satellite systems. Comcast Corp. does not provide its satellite competitors with access to its SportsNet Philadelphia channel, which carries games of the Flyers, Phillies and Sixers. Comcast, which has a controlling interest in the Sixers and Flyers, does provide the channel to Verizon and RCN Corp., which offers competing cable services in some markets.
“Consumers who want to switch video providers should not have to give up their favorite team in the process,” FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski said.

Before I get too geeked up, though, I temper this post by saying Comcast will probably appeal this whole thing. Because they’re evil. And they need to get Conan’s $32 million somehow.

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