Watch A Young Man Learn That The Mayfair 7-Eleven Is Not Safe Harbor (With Bonus GW High And NE Philly Fights)

Per the YouTuber who uploaded “EXCLUSIVE N.E. PHILLY 711 FIGHT,” this scene comes from the Mayfair neighborhood. There, a “kid runs in asking for help, followed but 12 other kids …….than george saved the day.” (sic)

I know not who George is, and I only saw six or seven in pursuit, but who am I to question the inner workings of the Northeast Philadelphia mind?

Let me know if this gets erased. I saved a copy.

Oh, and then there’s this battle described, before it was taken down off its initial YouTube home, as “It Started At George Washington High School. Then They Got Off And The Friends Snuck The Sister. This ISN’T OVER!!”

And, finally, the “Girl fight in NE Philly” …

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