Underexplained Lists: Tired Jokes*, Ranked

So many people think things are funny when, in fact, they are not. It’s cool, I guess, as senses of humor vary from person to person. But sometimes, those jokes/comments cross a line to those who’ve suffered the things presented as punchlines.

This is an official ranking of tired joke topics.

1. Rape

2. Crying rape

3. Race

4. Race in sports

5. Parenting

6. Poor kids

7. Heightism

8. Child-rape investigations

9. Feigning expertise

10. Being hit by a car. (*exception to this rule, as this is a good quip)

11. I was going to take an unnecessarily immature cheap shot here, but realized nothing good ever comes of that type of behavior.

*Jokes, in this case, include topics for which hot takes are issued as well.

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