For Amusement Purposes Only: ‘Fatman’ and ‘Crackhead’ Brawl in Philly

I can’t say with any certainty that Fatman and Crackhead are these two street pugilists’ Christian birth names. What I can say is this:

• Fine, they kinda do match their ring names.

• Fatman totally dominates the tenor of said street fight for the first 30 of 45 recorded seconds.

• After receiving a worthy whooping, Crackhead manages to get his legs back under him and assume a fightin’ fightery fist pose. His failure, however, is not launching into action when he sees that Fatman is winded. He has him back on his fatheels — which offers an opportunity to seize victory from the jaws of defeat.

• But then, the recording ends, leaving it unknown whether Crackhead edged his way back into the mix — at least on the judges’ scorecards — or whether street peace was brokered. This is sad.

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