About That Latrice Bryant Post From This Weekend… (Updated)

UPDATE: Just got a blocked-number call on my cell phone from someone purporting to be “Mr. MVP,” who said this whole firestorm could have been averted if I didn’t cut-and-paste Ms. Bryant’s status update about the whole fracas into a post. He also instructed me not to seek comment from Ms. Bryant about this matter anymore, like I had with two Facebook emails before. No problem, guy; she already blocked me on Facebook anyhow.

Seems as if the Daily News has followed up my weekend post on City Council aide Latrice Bryant’s vividly detailed description of a Germantown-club bathroom brawl in which she found herself engaged, “bald beaver and all.”

Their double-bylined piece means two things.

One: It’s time to wonder why the hell it takes two staffers to produce such a story, be it Columbus Day or not, unless one must enter a cave a la Raiders of the Lost Ark to access the paper’s archives and elude those pesky dart-spitting Hovitos to put background on page. (I guess it would have taken a third staffer to, you know, actually include a hyperlink to the post in the story. But bygones and whatnot.)

Two: Philly.commenters will surely step to the forefront with a level of ignorance once reserved for taprooms in the Great Northeast but only, you know, when the coast was clear.

That latter point is why I feel compelled to point out my inspiration for posting said Facebook fight recap on Sunday.

Taking Bryant’s recap of events at face value — haven’t been able to get much info from police yet, on account of the holiday, other than the fact that there was a nameless disturbance (at Champagne’s, I’m led to believe) — it serves a solid proof that Latrice Bryant is a bad-ass brawler. Had nothing to do with her job. Or her salary. Or her archived-news history. Nope. Lady got hawked down in a bathroom and brawled back. That’s what’s up.

UPDATE: Though Bryant’s account on Facebook stated that she filed a report about this bar fight, Police Public Affairs told me that there’s no documentation of that having happened (as of this morning). There was a separate incident at Champagne’s (just off Germantown and Chelten Ave.), but Bryant’s name is not involved. In that case, a 33-year-old woman claimed she was pushed to the ground and punched in the head by a woman against whom she had a restraining order. A separate “disturbance” report was filed because police responded to the club to clear a chaotic scene, a police spokesperson said.

For her part, Bryant has responded to the DN piece via Facebook …

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