How I ended up appearing on last night’s Daily Show

Minute 12 of the Daily Show, Oct. 12

Minute 12 of the Daily Show, Oct. 12

First, it turns out that I met Sajid Khan a few minutes before he threw a book at President Obama during Sunday’s get-the-vote-out rally in Germantown. Now, as I innocently watch The Daily Show rather than Chile mine rescue #3, I see myself in the background of footage of the streaker at the same event. I know it’s me for several reasons:

• I saw the streaker running right at me during the event, and praise organizers for setting up railings that restricted the greasy lil guy from getting closer than 7 feet away.

• For the dirty-minded, yeah, I saw manmeat. Let’s just say Brett Favre would win the “who’s bigger contest.”

• And, finally, there was nobody else in a Carolina-tarheel blue short-sleeved shirt with arms folded across his chest, hand on chin, and glasses that automatically turn from clear-to-sun when the bright orb triggers ’em.

In summary, book-thrower, streaker and me. Something funky’s going on here.

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