Here Are My Favorite Stories From 2016 (That I Wrote)


Happy New Year’s Eve, y’all.

At this time of reflection and looking forward, I scrolled back through the stores I wrote for PhillyVoice this year and decided to share the ones I really liked a lot. If you haven’t seen them before, do go look!

Mummers fans react to anti-parade column with passion and bad grammar (Jan. 5)

Bedbugs, kids having kids and tragedy: a day in a Philly courtroom (Jan. 21)

Bucks County mother wins long battle for safer road where son was killed (Feb. 19)

East Falls shamrock story sparks revisionist-history beef (March 28)

Losing both legs and an arm in Afghanistan prompted soldier’s fight for medical marijuana (April 22)

Behold the cutest puppy in Philadelphia history (April 28)

For NFL draftee from Philly, waiting was the hardest part (April 30)

South Jersey billboard aims to educate people about the dangers of chemtrails (May 5)

Rachel Hall walks back from brink of death to get Temple diploma (May 5)

Fairmount bartender calls it quits with four decades of stories to tell (May 12)


In his dying days, the face of Philly animal law enforcement talks legacy, faith (May 19)

Heroic driver belittles hit-and-run victims in anti-bicyclist screed (June 7)

Why I’m not rooting for the US soccer team on Tuesday (June 20)

Sorry, Donald Trump, but Milton Street rescinds his endorsement (June 30)

Noisy on the Center City set of ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’ (July 1)

Fact check: Are there more ‘cuck’ video searches in red or blue states? (July 22)


Former Miss Teen NJ to bare it all on VH1’s ‘Dating Naked’ (July 22)

Love drowns out hate at Westboro Baptist Church counter protest (July 26)

‘Loving wife’ and ‘longtime girlfriend’ place dueling obituaries after N.J. man’s death (Aug. 5)

Is Donald Trump the new Frank Rizzo? The former Philadelphia mayor’s family weighs in (Aug. 10)

Dîner en Blanc Philly is the worst and I hope it never goes away (Aug. 19)

Josh Innes was the worst and I’m happy we (hopefully) never have to hear him on Philly airwaves again (Aug. 24)

Philly Twitter mourns ‘aggressively funny’ dude with laughter, tears and naked pictures (Sept. 21)

American kids declare war on parents with ‘bottle flipping’ trend (Oct. 3)

That feeling when you realize your Uber driver is Milton Street (Oct. 19)

NBC10 interview with creator of raunchy Checkers video is the best thing you’ll see today (Oct. 25)

RIP Vine. Here are 25 of my favorite clips from the mobile-video app (Oct. 28)

Police: No official report of ugly racial incident at Delaware gas station (Nov. 10)

Watching ‘The Killing Season’ with the man once suspected in four Atlantic City murders (Nov. 14)

Thanksgiving mourning: Revelers will miss beloved friend lost to cancer (Nov. 23)

Why you should block Donald Trump on Twitter, too (Nov. 29)

Parents recall young hit-and-run victim’s life, shed tears over her loss (Nov. 30)

‘Hatchimals’ buying binge turns into family’s financial nightmare (Dec. 5)

Pickles are an abomination to human sensibility (Dec. 20)

Struck by car, boy’s miracle recovery hits a snag at school (Dec. 21)




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