Here’s A Classy Fight At SEPTA’s 30th Street Station Stop

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 2.36.46 PM

I’m too tired of society to do anything but post the YouTube review of this here SEPTA fight today. It’s sufficient explanation.

I saw this happen a few days ago and had no intention of posting it, but then I saw the woman in white on the train again today.

SO….She did not know the woman she beat up.

A few minutes earlier she was chasing the tall black man through cars on the Market Frankford line threatening to stab him with what looked like a homemade shiv and yelling “I’m going to get you snitch bitch” over and over.

The train stopped at 30th street and one got out. They continued to yell at each other and get on and off the train. The conductor came down and called the cops. The screaming continued for about 3 minutes.

At one point the man she was arguing with sits down next to the woman with the cast on the bench…..then this happened. After the angry woman steals a purse and walks off. Cops WALK at a casual pace down into 30th street subway stop about 4 minutes later.

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