Here Are 14 Stories I’ve Written Since The Last Post

Folks, I apologize for falling off with post frequency on this here site. Life, busy, etc. In any event, here are a few cool stories I’ve written in the past several months.

— A shore local sought advice in handling the annual shoobie onslaught.

— She ordered stuffed cheesy bread from a Domino’s in Philly. She got cheesy bread … and poop.

— Life, cleaning up dog poop, looming death.

— Family separation controversy in Philly.

Justice (finally) in the Robert Barnes case.

— A city employee pooped on a resident’s front stoop; the Fire Department did not clean it up.

— A look at youth soccer in Philly vs. the suburbs.

— A racist’s self-destructive path wound through Philadelphia.

Tomi Lahren, protesters met in Glenside.

Stormy Daniels came to town, and I was there.

— The War for Yorktown.

Roller derby!

— Starbucks, and shared blame.

— I talked to witches about witch hunts.

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