Charlie Dawg Update



I was going to write a column about this one, but for two reasons, I didn’t. 1) There’s no Hickey spirit in Marley and Me, and 2) There’s a lot more going on with the whole health-care fracas right now than a dog’s health.
But, that’s what matters to me. So that’s what I like to write about on this here site. Makes me feel better. And I hope it makes Charlie Dawg feel better.
Oh, the update: Charlie took her first post-surgery poo this morning. And she’s also as chipper as near-normal, greeting me at the door and whatnot, albeit tentatively like how she was when I got home from Magee. I like to think it’s for one good reason: Her painkillers bottle says “one pill every eight hours as needed.” But here’s the thing: Me and Charlie don’t both speak either human or canine so she’s not really able to express the “as needed” sentences to honor that instruction properly. So me, being me — fine, the bride actually does the hand’s on nursing — have given her a pill, hidden in cheese, every eight hours.
Think I’m a bad pet owner? Well, I think I’d want a pill three times a day if I got dropped off at some strange doctor’s office and left the next day with my thumb cut off, y’know?

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  1. teeskeeo
    January 21, 2010 at 14:13

    Poor Charlie, hope she feels better soon.

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