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This Week In Horrible, Horrible People

From the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: “The thin line between news and entertainment got a little thinner Friday when WITI-TV (Channel 6) reporter Angelica Duria was roped into performing a promotional-type dance video while on assignment at a fire scene in West…

Your @JohnBolaris Tweet Of The Week (Or Thereabouts)*

J Bo reflects — with eloquence, grace and proper spacing — on the Phillies’ first win of the 2013 season. *In which I, blatantly ripping off Deadspin’s wonderful-but-retired Canseco motivational-poster premise, highlight the pinnacle of Philadelphia meteorologist/bon vivant “J Bo”…

Merry Christmas (Etc.)

Happy Holidays! I’ll be taking a few days off from the site to enjoy Louden’s third Christmas with the bride and family. Hope yours is as good as I hope ours will be.