Your @JohnBolaris Tweet Of The Week (Or Thereabouts)*


Hot diggity dawg, J Bo done took a shot at me last night on the old Twitter line! Here’s the rub: Since his assault was not in response to anything I specifically tweeted, I’m at a loss to know what I’m clueless about, and what I should suffer as a result.

Here’s my hunch: J Bo did a little self-googlin’ last night and came across — not literally — the critical review I’d posted about his 20/20 appearance. I stand by that assessment. It was a weird show, what with his being shoehorned into an episode about payback.

AvtvrtFCMAE9fJR Alas, he has not yet responded for my request to clarify as of yet. I hope he does. Because, if he wants to pull the crime-victimization card, I’ll gladly play compare and contrast between “getting roofied and robbed” and “getting crushed and left for dead by a hit-and-run driver.” That’s not so much a size/girth contest as it is just a reminder that as bad as being asked to #doshot was, things could’ve been worse for ol’ J Bo.

I hope he doesn’t force that hand, though. Omar Little never bragged on his head scars, and neither have I.

*In which I, blatantly ripping off Deadspin associate Sean Newell’s wonderful-but-retired Canseco motivational-poster premise, highlight the pinnacle of Philadelphia meteorologist/bon vivant “J Bo” John Bolaris’ Twit-sharing. Feel free to share here, or via Twitter.

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