Whose Free Kick Was Better: Gareth Bale or Lionel Messi?

In Thursday’s Europa League match vs. Lyon, Tottenham’s Gareth Bale unleashed this dipping free kick over the wall and under the keeper:

In Saturday’s La Liga match vs. Grenada, Barcelona’s Lionel Messi got all free-kick fancy bending this strike through two heads along the wall and curving back toward a goal which it ultimately found:

Listen: I adore Messi’s play to the point that I am entirely unbiased when it comes to futbol conversations regarding him sometimes. But, real talk, I think Bale’s strike was more impressive. That dip, it seemed like a knuckle ball/sinker of sorts. It took my breath away whereas Messi’s merely made me exclaim with impressed profanity.

Maybe it’s just that I’m spoiled by Messi’s brilliance on the pitch, so something remarkable can appear to be pedestrian sometimes, but I give the nod to Bale’s free kick here.

Caveat: Neither were impressive as Samuel Umtiti’s outright ROCKET vs. Tottenham.

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