Weekend(s) Reading Roundup (International Edition)

I’ll try to keep this one concise since methink the stack o’ clips on me desk goes back to “you already probably know this” o’clock. But I was away, and I only used the laptop to watch movies on de plane (Dark Knight, Caddyshack, Star Trek) and the Eagles/Broncos play-by-play online (don’t go there, girl). So anyway, in no particular order, stories I enjoyed or found relevant to life in these turn-of-the-decade American times…

From the New Yorker:

NYer toons

NYer toons

From the Times:
— A 9-year-old gets stabbed in Morningside Heights.
— Jimmy Breslin resolves to take Albany, NY down. Down to Chinatown.
— If the government actually is Twitter Tapping, I’d take special pride in my “I’m not saying Glenn Beck [insert perversion here]. Just asking questions” fall series.
— Good to know that the legal world has rock bottomed out on lawsuit threats over belief in God. Really good to know.

From the Inquirer:
— Good to see priest-diddling-boys bothers the Pope. Shame USAir rendered me unable to see the Pope’s house two weeks ago, though.

From Le Journal du Dimanche:
— Great to see that “Al-Qaida est passĂ© au terrorisme isolĂ©.”

From Popular Science:
— Great (squared) to see that Colorado State U. researchers have found music important to recovery from TBIs.

From the International Herald Tribune:
More on the “newspaper creative content won’t be free for long” front.

And finally, it’s great to see that newsmax.com just threw caution to the wind and based a get-new-subscribers campaign around the theory that black president = end times. To wit:

The meek shall inherit the earth, indeed

The meek shall inherit the earth, indeed

Coming later today: Europe pics, Divorce Court posts!

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