Weekend Reading Roundup (Louden’s Birth Week Edition)

What kind of dad would I be if I didn’t squeeze a baby pic into a post that has nothing whatsoever to do with my boy, Louden Charles Hickey.


Since L.C. is pining for some fatherly cuddling, I’ll make this week’s Roundup short and sweet. Shockingly, I did have time to read the Sunday papers. How long that continues, well, it will. Because father or not, I read. For you. And for America. But I also condense. So, here be some whittled-down link’ppetizers.

— Gasland, propaganda? To an extent, I concur. Especially after reading how the Marcellus Shale opposition sounds like the yuppies moving in to Fairmount and belittling the lifers.

Finally, table games.

— I got mad respect for Christopher Nolan’s creativity.

— I come down on the side of those who think Internet anonymity should not be protected in totality.

— There’s a reason why Boris Becker was my idol as a high-school second-doubles player. This story captures some of it.

— And finally, I insist you read this story about a soldier who lost all his limbs. It’s inspirational to the point that I think I’m a pussy for taking nine days to emerge from my coma a mere year-and-a-half ago.

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