Weekend Reading Roundup (Gaydar Strength Edition)

Are you gayer than an incumbent?

Are you gayer than an incumbent?

So, I’ve tried to let this whole thing with state Rep. Babette Josephs calling her claimed-bisexual opponent Gregg Kravitz out as a straight dude trying to cull votes from the gay-pride demo slide as unusual-politics-as-usual. But then, I saw Kravitz’s headshot accompanying a column in the Sunday Inquirer.

It’s over there to the right. See it? I’ll give you a sec.

Ok, so my take is this: Sure, book-cover-judging is far from the preferred path to judgement, but if you can’t see “I’m a bisexual” plastered all over this guy, get to the optometrist posthaste. Dude’s so bisexual, in fact, that I’m forced to question Babette’s insight. And I like the lady.

Now, onto the non-sexual-preference files:

— Politico: Influential new-media model or page-count sweatshop led by Blackberry addict who can’t clean up after himself?

— Court Yard Hounds: Cool new group or way to keep going with just 2/3 of highly successful band?

— Kerri Strug: Memorable Olympian just happy to have her wedding announcement listed in the New York Times or bound to be overshadowed by the same-page Vows feature about the daughter of an unrepentant hit-and-run artist on the Main Line?

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