Weekend Reading Roundup (50 Minutes Till First Pitch Edition)

Go Cubs Go.

— “If they don’t want my people out there, then there’s an easy way to send us home: Secure the border. We’ll put our guns back on the shelf, and that’ll be the end of that.” Says the self-appointed Neo-Nazi protector of homeland security. (AP)

— “”Tax policy is dynamic. If you have the right kind of tax reform, it helps generate a more dynamic economy.” Says the guy who got so tormented by being named Crapo that he thinks it’s fun to taunt the unemployed with tax cuts for the rich. (Inquirer, via McClatchey Newspapers)

— “We’re not here to do poster art or recruiting posters. What we are sent to do is to go to the experience, see what is really there and document it — as artists.” Says the Marine who finally convinced me that art has tangible functions. (New York Times)

— “Read this story about those that the Hungarian Duck boat victims left behind. This is what newspapers should be doing more of.” Says the guy named Brian Hickey (Melissa Dribben, Inquirer)

Apartments as bed-and-breakfasts! Chelsea’s wedding! More Mel! And, oil spills!

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