Why Was Miss Netherlands Yasmin Verheijen ‘Locked In A Cage For 12 Hours’? [UPDATE]


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A peculiar Fun Fact was offered during the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday night. Namely, it was said during the bikini portion of the event that Miss Netherlandsand noted WAG — Yasmin Verheijen was “once locked in a cage for 12 hours.”

Granted, this could be related to — or resulting from — her ambassadorship with an anti-child-prostitution group. But no further explanation was offered before Miss Colombia took the crown.

I emailed the Miss Universe Pageant looking for answers on Monday morning. Hopefully, I’ll be able to update this post in short order.

UPDATE: Thanks to the diligent investigative work of @TwoEightNine, we now know why she was in a cage!!! Click this link.


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