Watch This 20-Year-Old Michigan Lady Try To Hire A Hitman To Kill Her Husband

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Julia Charlene Merfeld, who pleaded guilty last month to an April murder solicitation, tried getting her man offed because “it’s easier than divorcing him.”

Well, yeah, it probably is if you strip morality and criminality out of the equation!

She must never have seen Divorce Court.

Anyway, here’s the video:

“Being able to see it, almost as if you were in the car with her, moved this case forward and basically convinced her she had no other choice but to plead guilty,” Hilson said.

Speaking of the case in general, Hilson said, “She was very calm, cool and collected in describing exactly what she wanted to have happen. It was clear this was a money-driven motive for her. She was very interested in the $400,000 life insurance policy, and this was an easy way to get it, in her mind.”

Muskegon County Chief Circuit Judge William C. Marietti will sentence Merfeld July 30. Before her guilty plea, Marietti committed to cap her minimum prison sentence at six years. He can set a maximum of anything up to life in prison. It will be up to the state parole board whether she serves the minimum, the maximum or something in between. [MLive]

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