“Around here, between Normandy and Western, we call this a little twenty twen twen.”

weed4 Excellent piece in the Rolling Stone with Jimi Hendrix on the cover about the $14 billion weed industry back in Cali, Cali. But since they didn’t see fit to link to the story itself on their website (even for print subscribers only) — a bold move since we haven’t quite figured out where this whole computer thing is going — I just scanned a couple blurbs.
They explain that the American dinghy may well be wafting into a perfect storm for legalization — in true American form, it’s all about tha Benjamins — and how such a move could be a lifeline for places like Detroit. And when Arnold calls for a debate, I think it’s in your best interest to debate. I’ve seen The Running Man. It wasn’t pretty. Neither high nor low.



Note to Mayor Nutter: Put this on the table. Because none of us are going to pay the city to pick our trash up. Bet.

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