Veronica Davis vs. Pierre Davis

Snapshot 2011-01-12 17-44-08 Snapshot 2011-01-12 17-43-07 Pierre Davis has a problem. And that problem is that Veronica Davis — his blushing bride — don’t trust him. She also wants $3,000 for the two 1996 Buick LeSabres that he totaled.

She’s a loud one, too. Like, Shirley yelling at ReRun loud. In fact, she’s explaining a story about how she found him with another woman, and I can’t even follow the story cause she yellin n’shit. And another time, she found him with another another woman. “Don’t know what she’s talking about,” he says. “Ain’t how it happened.”

So, yeah, I’m on Team Pierre. Especially when he says that one of the two other ladies were there for his brothers. PLURAL. Oh, when they broke up, he got some other chick pregnant except after he bonded with the baby, it turned out not to be his, and then the nothisbaby mama came by to pick a fight with Veronica.

“I was gonna beat her,” she says.

Pierre even cut the umbilical cord.

“I told him from jump street! But he didn’t want to listen!!” Veronica yells.

She seems to like fighting. I like that. But then she starts bitching about how Pierre done emptied all her credit cards and bank accounts. Now, I’ve seen Pierre on the TV screen for eight minutes and I know he would NOT do something like that. He’s a father of five at 28 who fights MMA style which pays good “when I do fight.” He makes side bank doing what sounds like muscle, protection, private security.

“Your honor, she burnt and cut up my clothes,” explains Pierre, who adds that some guy who came over to repair the computer brought a naked girl with him, who Veronica found on her bed. I’m sorry, there’s something wrong with that?!

Side note: There’s some weird looking folk in the audience for this episode.

“You’ve never cheated on her?” asks Judge Lynn.

“I ain’t saying that,” responds Pierre, who took off for three months one time.

Split decision: Veronica wins.

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