Vera Taylor vs. Walt Hochbrueckner

Snapshot 2011-01-26 07-26-08 Snapshot 2011-01-26 07-25-33 Walt Hochbruecker says his retired-shrink wife Vera treats him like a boytoy “and I’m not a boytoy.” Sure.

Vera Taylor, who’s already burnt through three spouses, says she treats Walt Hochbrueckner like a boytoy because she pays for everything and when everything is paid for for you, you are, in essence, a boytoy. Which seems fair enough to me. Especially when he starts whining like a graying gelding who has only lady friends.

Apparently, she takes him out to parties and “shows me off, parades me, a poodle walking me around” amongst friends her own age. That age being 71. Walt’s 14 years her junior. He says they brush him off as an inferior being. “Maybe it’s you,” interjects Judge Lynn.

So essentially what we have here is a wrinkled-up, gap-toothed rich elderchick who snagged a younger gent for purposes of being her trophy husband. Whatever. Rich dudes do it all the time. And none of them are good people, male or female, rich or trophy.

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