Vanessa Olguin vs. Scott Lambaria

Snapshot 2011-01-20 06-49-55 Snapshot 2011-01-20 06-49-13 This one seems cut and dried: Scott Lambaria wants to take his leave of Vanessa Olguin because she’s a cheater to the tune of biting at a fakely seductive, entrapping Facebook account that he’d set up. She wants to leave him because he’s broke.

She’s a “playa.” When they met, she was already married but didn’t say so (while he was separated). She’s 27. This is her third marriage. She’s had five kids. She also has a touch of that sexy Latina accent, so her cock-culling makes sort of sense.

Scott’s no champ, though. She says he’s $43,000 in arrears on child support. Class act.

What he have here is when a broke-ass chump meets a moderately-attractive Youporn-eligible whore (despite the hunch that she will grow a stashe one day). Thing is, Scott seems like the kind of dude I’d like to hang out with at the corner bar.

“She’s angry because I’ve caught her in so many lies in this relationship,” he says.

“If magically, somebody wrote a check today to clear up his child support, you’d go home with him?” Judge Lynn asks.

“I would. You want to write it?” whore Vanessa asks.

He’s got the cheatin’ skeletons, too. Like how, at 6:46 a.m. one day, she found that one of his lady friends sent him a text with a picture of her breastuses. Sure, that happened, Scott says. Friend of a friend, they were planning a surprise birthday party or something. She produces a cryptic email in which Vanessa sent Titty Girl a message.

Anyway, he apparently pawned a few of her rings. Obviously, these two spy on one another because they know full well that they’re gaming one another behind their backs.

Closing note: She’d be a lot sexier if her name were Vanessa Lambaria. Don’t know why. But I’m right, right?

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