Vaginal Voyeurism And Piss-Poor Spelling On Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars (Season 3, Episode 2)

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You’re probably wondering what happened on the second episode of this season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars, aren’t you?

I’m happy to help:

— When asked to list their significant others’ faults, The Sitch noted that his ladyfriend Lauren doesn’t initiate sexy-time as often as he’d like. He spelled intimacy wrong on a sign that he placed over his ladyfriend’s jeaned vagina. Look:

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— The Sitch also can’t spell “negativity.”

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— Former Philadelphia Eagle — and Silver Linings Playbook false idol — Hank Baskett doesn’t like all the tabloid attention to his purported dalliance with a transsexual prostitute. His playbride Kendra Wilkinson is not a strong speller, either.

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— Jeff and Jordan of Big Brother shed tears before he admits he’s a “fan of boybands.” The Boot Camp Sergeants rue these problems, as if they won’t be solved at the end of the show.

— Eyecandy Aubrey and Cuckold Travis are talking about her BFF with whom he thinks he has to compete for attention. She fine, even if she considers her BFF as being akin to her mom. Then, the kink flags flew high.

— As on previous seasons, they do that brink-of-death life-support cosplay scenario. You’d think the contestants would know it was coming as they’ve presumably watched this program in the past in formulating their plans to get appearance fees and relational support. (As with last season, I can’t really tap into this skit, what with having been in a bed after a bad crime knowing my wife didn’t know whether I’d wake up. So, if you want these deets, watch the programme.)

— The episode ends with Hank totally calling Kendra out about not knowing anything about his legendary football career. Specifically, what record he holds. Shiiiiiit, I’ll bet hardcore football fans don’t know what record Hank Baskett holds. That record? Most 80-yard or more touchdown receptions.

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