This Old Video Of A Philly Cop Punching A Handcuffed Guy In The Face Got Posted On YouTube Again Today


[Update: Someone who follows these things much more closely than I do tells me it’s an old video of police subduing an uncooperative suspect.]

[Update No. 2: The uploader confirms the timing, in responding that it “was taken a while ago.”]

[Update No. 3: Someone who follows these things much more closely than the person in the first update notes, “As they are cuffing him and attempting to control him, he had a pistol in his waistband. The cop who punched him retrieved it. If you look closely at his right hand he’s holding a silver pistol. It’s pretty clear as they go to the ground.]

Don’t know where this was filmed. Don’t know when it was filmed. Don’t know what led up to it. Don’t know what happened after it.

Do know it was posted at about 5 p.m. today (along with a goofy string of search terms in the description line, from an account that’s uploading a slew of videos today). Do know those sure look like Philadelphia Police uniforms. Do know that sure looks like a handcuffed guy getting punched.

All of which is to say the “Cops Punch Handcuffed Man In Face — Philadelphia, PA” title seems accurate enough.

Make of this what you will. Maybe it’s old news. Maybe it isn’t. (My sneaking suspicion says it is, even if this afternoon did warm up to the point where short sleeves were vaguely possible.)

Update No. 3: Since I posted an old video to start this post, here’s another Philly punch video posted this week instead

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