Today’s Metro story, tease for tomorrow’s column, and an attaguy

Barclay's sister Rosalyn leaving the courthouse

Barclay's sister Rosalyn leaving the courthouse

Not that I ever really forgot how much I loved daily reporting, but getting a call at 2:30 p.m. yesterday that the verdict was in for the Did Bill Barnes kill Officer Walter Barclay 41 years before his actual death? case and rushing downtown to watch and then write was a long-awaited reminder.

Barnes’ eyes welled up when the jury foreman announced the verdict to which his niece, Diane Barnes, screamed, “Yes!” Harrison convulsed with tears. Before being escorted from the courtroom, Barnes, sporting a gray sweater and carrying a cane, thanked jurors and bellowed, “I love ya’s all” to supporters.

“I never really saw him show emotion before,” Barnes’ brother Jimmy said. “He’s had 50 years of hell. It’s time to heal and move on.”

As for tomorrow’s column, a Tweet from this morning should let you in on what I’m thinking:

Brian Hickey will happily trade another 102 years without a Cubs World Series in exchange for a Flyers Stanley Cup parade next month.

It’s an inevitability, too.

As for the attaguy, check out Dan Rubin’s piece on the Barnes case in today’s Inquirer.

Until today, I’ve been unable to say how bad I felt about trying the man twice for the same act, after he’d served his time.

I’ve always thought that decision was wrong. Would he have been charged again had his victim not been a police officer? I don’t think so. I would have expected Lynne Abraham’s successor, Seth Williams, to put the brakes on the prosecution. I was optimistic.

That day in prison, Barnes said something that made me wince. He thought it was unfair to be charged again.

“For the first time, I feel like a victim,” he said.

Incredible words from a career criminal.

The state never should have given him the satisfaction of saying them.

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