This Week’s SI Has a Great Story on FC Barcelona

You’ll have to be a subscriber to read it online now. But, considering how awesome that picture of Lionel Messi, and the fact that America’s leading sports magazine committed nine full pages to the best side on earth, well, of course it warranted mention on this here site.

Oh, El Clasico’s on Sunday. Glorious day.

In an era in which supporting the Yankees and the Heat feels like cheering for Microsoft, you can root for FC Barcelona and feel good about it on every level. Barca is the paragon of a championship sports team: exciting, homegrown, tied to the community, with an inspiring social mission and the world’s most magical player. What’s more, Barcelona players are the core of Spain’s national team, the first to hold the World Cup and two European crowns at the same time. [SI/Grant Wahl]

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