This Is What Happens When You Lose A Bet To Brian Hickey And The Denver Broncos

(Photo from the Denver Post)

(Photo from the Denver Post)

Back in Jan. 2006, the mighty Denver Broncos and Spygate-fueled New England Patriots faced off in an NFL AFC divisional round playoff game. I am a Broncos fan. My pal Sean Hamel is a Patriots fan. We watched the game together at Krupa’s Bar in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia.

Once the mighty Denver Broncos defeated the cheating Patriots 27-13, Mr. Hamel was obligated to fulfill the terms of a bet: He had to give a pro-Broncos speech to the entire staff of the Philadelphia City Paper, where we both worked at the time.

Fast-forward eight years, and the mighty Denver Broncos and cheatin’ Patriots faced off again. Hamel and I couldn’t watch the game at Krupa’s, however, as I was in New Orleans and he was in Denver. We still made a bet on the game, however. This year’s terms were the loser providing a 30ish-second video in honor of the winning team.

As Mr. Hamel was suffering from flu-like symptoms this week, he asked that I provide text for his delivery. Which I gladly did.

It is embedded in this subsequent video, amid highlights from the game.

You don’t find many people who are as good a sport as Sean. Respect for him. Just not for his team.

Go Broncos.

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