The Trial Of John Goodman, aka The Hell-Bound Biggest Dickhead On Earth, Started


Back in February, I told you about John Goodman, the “polo mogul” who killed someone on the roadways and proceeded to “adopt” his girlfriend to protect his money. You know, because he is so fucking horrible of a person that very few would shed a tear if he were to die.

Anyway, this piece of shit’s trial started today. And, this piece of shit’s lawyer — who will also sizzle in Hell’s rape room — blamed his piece of shit client’s Bentley for the whole mess. Per the Orlando Sentinel:

Prosecutors told jurors Tuesday that Wellington polo mogul John Goodman was so intoxicated the night he left a bar and blew through a stop sign at 63 mph, slamming into another car, that he had consumed the equivalent of at least 16 drinks.

There were no skid marks, and nothing was wrong with Goodman’s Bentley convertible. Goodman simply was very drunk, and left Scott Wilson, 23, to drown after his car overturned into a canal, prosecutor Ellen Roberts said.

“He was driving. He was intoxicated. He was under the influence,” said Roberts, during opening statements of Goodman’s DUI-manslaughter trial.

Defense attorney Roy Black could not have painted a starker contrast for jurors in his story of that night: Goodman only had a few drinks and was not legally intoxicated at the time of the crash.

Black placed the blame for the crash squarely on the Bentley. The car, he said, had a serious malfunction, and he asked the jurors to imagine they were standing in the pitch black at the intersection of Lake Worth Road and 120th Avenue at the time of the crash.

Fuck John Goodman. Fuck his gold-digging cunt of a girlfriend/daughter. And fuck their entire bloodlines.

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  1. TheTruch101
    October 2, 2012 at 14:55

    John Goodman is nothing more than a weasel trying to use his wealth to escape an obvious drunk and drive homicide. He should be ashamed to even be defending himself in this case. Own up to it! You would at least get some respect. A 23 year old is dead because of your actions and decisions. A young man that did not deserve to die and had a very bright promising future. Instead this piece of polo endorsing crap is still walking the Earth inventing lies to cover his tracks. What a horrible excuse for a human being he is.

    I hope when the guilty verdict is read, the judge will throw the book at this millionaire play boy who only seems interested in protecting his money rather than caring about the welfare of others.

    I guess Casper the ghost was driving the vehicle he a knew he had hit. So he didn’t even bother to look to see what he had hit. He just walked away. Any “SOBER” person might think to look, but according to Goodman he wasn’t drunk – BullSH*T. He refused a breathalyzer test. He admitted to F**ing up to his girl friend the night of the crash. He knew what he did along.

    John Goodman is nothing more than a F**ing liar who should be made an example of. Anyone, and I mean anyone, regardless of income should be held accountable for drinking and driving, especial when someone gets killed because of it.

    Please – Roast this SOB.

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