The Hickey Endorsement: Tosh.0

50800333Last night, what I’d long suspected became reality: Tosh.0 is the best thing on television not titled “Lost” or “The Bad Girls Club.” (I’m on Team Annie, fwiw. She’s the one in the picture over there.) If you already watch it, you already know it. But I heartily urge those of you who don’t flip over till Colbert to watch this week’s episode. There are Trust Falls, Big Ole Asses, Mexicans Dropping Deuce in Mall Flower Pots, Kids Crushing Little Brother’s Fontanels with Wiffle Ball Bats, Chatroulette freaks all nood, this …

Web Redemption – Hood Rat Kid
Web Redemption 2 Girls, 1 Cup Reaction Demi Moore Picture

and this …

Spoiler Alert- The Orphan from tosh point0 on Vimeo.

If you’re thinking to yourself, Holy Christ, that’s the movie that freaked Brian and Angie out in Paris a couple months ago, and that Brian bought Angie for Valentine’s Day, you are a seer. Gold star.
I’m off to do hootrat things wit my friends now. Later.

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