The First 11 Songs I Bought w/ the B-Day iTunes Card

Yo. If you have a DVR — read: anybody reading this, hopefully — search for the Austin City Limits show with K’Naan opening for Mos Def. See, I just taped it because I wanted to see Mos do Quiet Dog. (And oh how he did. This isn’t it, but it’s how he did it. Just not biting as hard.) But lo and behold, this Somalian dude K’Naan blew my f’ing ears off like the first time I heard, oh, music.

Dude was fried, but dude was tight.

So, the first songs with the iTunes card went his way without a second’s thought. I can’t find the words to adequately praise him, so I’ll just let him show you. Unless you’ve already known about him for a while, which the YouTube views seem to indicate is the case …

“In the Beginning”


“Bang Bang”

“Take a Minute”

And now, let the mockery begin …

King of Wishful Thinking, Go West

California Gurls, Katy Perry

Bad Romance, Lady Gaga

In My Head, Jason Derulo (I will defend this one to the death, though. Baby’ll be able to see daddy grooving around the house when this comes on. No shame, either.)

Whatcha Say, Jason Derulo

Why Can’t I Be You, The Cure (How my ample Cure collection lacked this, I’ll never know. Sorry, goths.)

And, finally, Think I’m in Love, Eddie Money.

With about 17 bucks to go, I shudder to think where this goes from here. Clearly, I left a lot of musical taste on that windshield.

Yeah, I know. You needn’t say it.

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