The Best Dunk I’ve Ever Seen Live [Updated]


Florida Gulf Coast Eagles 78, Georgetown Hoyas 68. (Gif H/T Bubbaprog)

My story from NewsWorks (excerpt):

Fieler was asked whether he had ever jumped as high as he did on that alley-oop. He said he thinks he may have. Maybe. Brown, who passed the ball to Comer, said they knew they had nothing to lose coming into the game, that Georgetown had everything to lose. Which is exactly how it played out.

Fieler appreciated those boisterous cheers were coming from a lot of people who had never before heard of Florida Gulf Coast University.

“We’re just trying to live in the moment,” he said, before acknowledging that they need to move on and focus on Sunday’s game. “This was definitely our coming-out party.”

Back in the locker room a few minutes later, Fieler had a small circle of reporters around him. In the background, Comer was typing into, and reading the messages, on his smartphone. Maybe he was texted about imbounding a ball off an unsuspected Hoya’s back earlier in the game for an easy basket.

Both were asked how that oop came to be. Neither could explain it better than a comfort level of knowing where the other was on the court, a basketball-court equivalent of muscle and mental memory.

“I’m just thinking ‘I hope Otto Porter doesn’t steal the ball.’ I’m just hoping this works,” Comer told NewsWorks of one of those defender honing in on him before he threw the pass. (He also noted that the team had fun with the relative anonymity — like, being called things other than Florida Gulf Coast in the game previews — that has since disappeared.)

Fieler tried to explain the play, too.

“I don’t know if he hears me running, or what it is. I see him with the ball, and I’m going to cut, because most of the time, he finds me,” he said.

Yes, he admitted, two, three seconds on the clock can slow down in the mind.

They’re both thinking they’d better make this highlight-reel play or coach is going to be mad that they went for the alley-oop instead of running some time off the clock.

“I’m thinking, ‘I better make this, or it’s going to be bad,'” said Fieler.

He made it.

And it was anything but bad for the Florida Gulf Coast University Eagles. [NewsWorks]


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