Thanks So Much For Supporting VSA Roma (Again!)


A quick post to, once again, thank you all for supporting Villanova Soccer Academy’s 2010 Roma squad! Your generosity helped replenish funds in advance of the upcoming spring season. Enough of you donated so that I could distribute a bunch of KN95 masks, and provide a 50/50 split (congrats Kevin Hall on your $610 haul) and opening-match Philadelphia Union tickets to Stephen McDonald.

As of this writing, Roma stands at 19-9-4 after the fall season, and half of the winter season. Coming up: A tournament in early March, the spring season, a Memorial Day tournament and the state-cup tourney. None of this would be possible without your generosity, so thanks!

Sneak preview: in the summer and fall, we will return to fundraising mode with:

— A 1,000-ticket ($10 each) which will provide a $165 daily prize based on the winning nightly pick-three PA Lottery number, and

— A 32-ticket ($100) block pool in which each entrant will draw a team in the FIFA World Cup. Winner gets $1,400, second-place $200.


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