Tenika Pettigrew vs. Steven Pettigrew

121 Untitled Tenika Pettigrew readily admits that Steven Pettigrew was a ladies man. But that he was so smoove that she was willing to fight for his affections. So smoove, in fact, that while he was getting rid of one lady for Tenika, he done knocked her up.

Steven Pettigrew is an honorable man. Kind of looks like a pared-down Bernard Hopkins, actually. Now, Tenika won’t stop saying Steven be lyin’. This makes me dislike Tenika, a bossy lady per Steven, a dramatic lady who interrupts trying to win Judge Lynn’s affections. She must not watch this program.

Then, Steven mentions a time when Tenika “beated me with a stick” the time he came home drunk when he was supposed to pick her up from work.

“I should’ve beaten him with something else,” she says.

At the risk of taking a stick to the head, what I think Tenika meant to say was that she should’ve “beated him with something else.”

What’s become of proper English.

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